Meideal Musical Instruments Co., Ltd | T83GW Clip-on Tuner For Guitar,Bass, Uku,Violin,ba njo,mandolin
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T83GW Clip-on Tuner For Guitar,Bass, Uku,Violin,ba njo,mandolin


- Clear View with a big HTN LCD screen and super-bright backlight

- Multi-Angle view with the 360° rotational clip design.

- With high precise and sensitive vibration clip, you can tune out of the noise.

- 3 steps of flat tuning are ♭,♭♭,♭♭♭

- Pick-holder on the back with one pick for free

- Ultra-low-power and auto power-off.

- Suitable for Guitar,Bass,Violin,Ukulele,Mandolin,Banjo and Wind Instrument Key F,Bb,Eb.


- Tuning

item:KeyC(Chromatic);Guitar(G),B ass(B),Violin&Mandolin(V),Ukulele( Ud),Banjo. - A4 Calibration:430Hz~450Hz

- Detection

Range:A0(27.5Hz)~C8(4186 Hz)

- Tuning Accuracy:±1Cent

- Flat Tuning: ♭,♭♭,♭♭♭

- Power Supply: 3v(CR2032)

- Colors:Black

- Packing:1pcs/ BlisterCard

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